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2021-12-01: Hiro News in December 

MFH produces an early Ferrari model as a Full Detail Kit in December:

K805 - 1:12 Full Detail Kit Ferrari 166 MM Version A
K806 - 1:12 Full Detail Kit Ferrari 166 MM Version B

2021-11-16: Pocher Lotus 72D

Importer Lemke increases the price for the Pocher Lotus 72D kit announced in "Winter 2022" to 819 euros in Germany. Unfortunately, we have to adjust our selling price as well. More here:

2021-11-10: LeGrand Mercedes 300 SLR: 

Manufacturer Lemke specifies November 2022 as the new release date for the 300 SLR kit. We apologize to all customers for the enormous delay. If you want us to reverse the payment you have already made for this kit, please let us know!

2021-11-09: Pocher Ducati Panigale Final Edition:

Importer Lemke tells us the following: The complete production of the new Pocher Ducati kit is now sold out! Although the new kit is already available in Great Britain, it will not come to us in Germany until November. To us, it looks like Pocher GB has gained a competitive advantage through early availability in the UK. Not the fine English way!

At the same time, Lemke announces that the official sales price has been set at EUR 769.00 due to the exorbitant increase in shipping costs from China to Germany and a price increase by Pocher. Therefore we are unfortunately forced to raise the price to Euro 740.00.

Shipping costs: Due to its enormous size and high weight of the kits, the new Ducati kit causes very high shipping costs. Unfortunately we have to pass this on when shipping outside the EU. We will therefore calculate the shipping costs to the world individually and invoice them to our customers. We continue to bear the shipping costs within Germany and the EU. We ask for your understanding for this step.

2021-11-08: Hiro News in November:

A fantastic new Ferrari kit will be released from Hiro in November: Ferrari 512S (Le Mans 1970).

K804 - 1:12 Full Detail Kit Ferrari 512S

2021-10-11: New Kits from Hiro in October:

Hiro announces a new motorbike in the big scale 1/9:

K803 - 1:9 Full Detail Kit Crocker Hemi Head 1936 "Small tank" 

In the small scale 1/43 there will be a Porsche in four variants:

K799 - 1:43 Multi Material Kit Porsche 917/30 Version A
K800 - 1:43 Multi Material Kit Porsche 917/30 Version B
K801 - 1:43 Multi Material Kit Porsche 917/30 Version C
K802 - 1:43 Multi Material Kit Porsche 917/30 Version D

2021-09-14: Hiro News in September:

A beautiful kit of an early Ferrari F1 will be released in September:

K798 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Ferrari 256F1 (1960) Phil Hill

and in the small scale 43 appears

K791 - 1:43 Multi Material Kit Ferrari 330 P4 Berlinetta Version A
K792 - 1:43 Multi Material Kit Ferrari 330 P4 Berlinetta Version B
K793 - 1:43 Multi Material Kit Ferrari 330 P4 Berlinetta Version C

2021-08-18: Hiro News in August:

This month there will be the following news from MFH:

K790 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Ferrari 312 T3 Carlos Reutemann

K795 - 1:20 Full Detail Kit Ferrari 126C2 Ver. A: 1982 Brazilian GP #27 Gilles Villeneuve
K796 - 1:20 Full Detail Kit Ferrari 126C2 Ver. B: 1982 U.S. West GP #27 Gilles Villeneuve / #28 Didier Pironi
K797 - 1:20 Full Detail Kit Ferrari 126C2 Ver. C: 1982 Rd.4 San Marino GP #27 Gilles Villeneuve / #28 Didier Pironi
K732 - 1:20 Full Detail Kit Ferrari 126C2 Ver. D: Belgian GP Qualify #27 Gilles Villeneuve

2021-07-15: New Hiro kits for this month

Model Factory Hiro will have the following new kits for July 21:

K790 - 1:9 Full Detail kit Ducati 750 TT1 (1983)

Re-release of already sold out 1/9 scale motorcycle kits:

K485 - BROUGH SUPERIOR SS100 (1934)

K621 - VINCENT Black Shadow (1950)
K622 - VINCENT “White Shadow” (1950)

K637 - HARLEY DAVIDSON Knucklehead (1940)
K638 - HARLEY DAVIDSON Knucklehead (1947)
K712 - HARLEY DAVIDSON Panhead (1948)

22.06.2021: New delays from LeGrand and Pocher

Importer/Manufacturer Lemke announces, that again there will be delays in the delivery of the announced kits by Pocher and LeGrand:

Ducati Panigale Final Edition 1/4 from Pocher: Release date now 09/2021
Mercedes 300 SLR 
from LeGrand: Release date now 04/2022

Reasons: Lemke tells about problems due to Corona during production / delivery of the kits in China (Ducati) or changes / improvements in the construction (300 SLR).  

2021-06-07: June 21 - New from MFH

In June there will be a kit of a Jaguar one off in the big scale 1/12 from Hiro:

K786 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Jaguar XJ13 (1966)

In 1/43scale Hiro releases the 330 P4 Spider from 1967:

K787 - 1:43 Multi Material kit Ferrari 330 P4 Spider Version A
K788 - 1:43 Multi Material kit Ferrari 330 P4 Spider Version B
K789 - 1:43 Multi Material kit Ferrari 330 P4 Spider Version C

2021-05-10: May 21 - New kits from MFH

For the month of may Model Factory Hiro announces a new Le Mans classic in the big scale 1/12:

K782 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Aston Martin DBR1 Le Mans Winner 1959

And in the small scale 1/43 there will be another Ferrari F1 kit in three versions:

K783 - 1:43 Multi Material Kit Ferrari F1-89 (640) - Early Type
K784 - 1:43 Multi Material Kit Ferrari F1-89 (640) - Late Type
K785 - 1:43 Multi Material Kit Ferrari F1-89 (640) - Late Type

03.04.2021: April 21 - Neuheiten

Model Factory Hiro announces a new vintage racer in scale 1/12 for April 21: Alfa Romeo P2 from 1924:

K778 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Alfa Romeo P2 (1924)

In the small scale 1/43 a McLaren comes in April 21:

K779 - 1:43 Multi-Material kit McLaren MP4/8 (1994) Version A (Regenreifen)
K780 - 1:43 Multi-Material kit McLaren MP4/8 (1994) Version B (Slicks)
K781 - 1:43 Multi-Material kit McLaren MP4/8 (1994) Version C (Slicks)

2021-03-10: New Hiro kits in March

In 1/12 MFH announces an Alfa Romeo this month: Tipo 33 Stradale Full Detail Kit:

K773 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale

In 1/43 a series of 1981 Ferrari F1 cars F187 / 88C will be available:

K774 - Ver. A: 1987 Rd.15 Japanese GP #27 Michele Alboreto / #28 Gerhard Berger
K775 - Ver. B: 1987 Rd.4 Monaco GP #27 Michele Alboreto / #28 Gerhard Berger
K776 - Ver. C: 1988 Rd.12 Italian GP #27 Michele Alboreto / #28 Gerhard Berger
K777 - Ver. D: 1988 Rd.8 British GP #27 Michele Alboreto / #28 Gerhard Berger

2021-02-10: A new McLaren F1 kit from Model Factory Hiro in February

MFH brings another Full Detail Kit of the McLaren F1 in February: 

K772 - 1:12 Full Detail kit McLaren F1 Le Mans 1996 Team Bigazzi

2021-01-08: New Full Detail Kit in 1/12 from Model Factory Hiro: F 312B3 of 1974

MFH announces a new Formula One car: Niki Laudas F 312B3 of 1974.

K769 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Ferrari 312B3 F1 (1974)

2021-01-05: New Pocher model in 1/8

Today, Pocher announces a new large-scale model: a 1972 Lotus 72D kit will be available in autumn. The UK price will be around £ 650. Importer Lemke tells a sales price for Germany of Euro 749,00. Autograph sets its price at 710,00 Euros.

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What we are looking for:

For our international customers we are always looking for interesting kits, preferably in the scale 1/8 or 1/12th. We buy individual models, like also started projects or incomplete kits (eg Pocher or Promocom) and entire collections or estates. Please email us at, if you have something to sell. We will make you an interesting offer!

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