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Hiro has announced on its website that its Ferrari license agreement ends on 31.12.2018 and will not be renewed. This means that all Hiro Ferrari kits will no longer be produced in the future. Upon request, Kyoko Hiro informed us that the sale of Ferrari kits will continue for some time after the end of the contract, so that existing stock can be sold off. Ms. Hiro emphasizes that at the moment it is not necessary to make hasty orders of Ferrari kits. In the medium term, however, our customers should secure their desired kits. We have made a large order in Japan, so we are able to deliver your desired Ferrari kit even after the contract ends.

Sale HIRO kits in 1/20 und 1/24

We clear our stock: Around 30% discount on all stocked 1/20 and 1/24 HIRO models. Including many rare Ferrari F1 kits that have long been sold out at the manufacturer.  

Pocher Ducati Panigale 1:4

All Pocher Ducatis we had in stock are sold out now! Pocher can no longer deliver kits, allegedly the entire production is sold out. 

Autograph Transkit Ducati Panigale 1299S:
We are providing the latest version of the Instructions for the Ducati transkit as a PDF download on our website about the Pocher-Ducati-Transkit or directly here:

Instructions (update: 2018-10-08)  Autograph Transkit Pocher Ducati (in English)
Version 10.08: Fault correction   

Parts list (update: 2018-05-29)  Autograph Transkit Pocher Ducati (in English)

Please also visit the new website of my friend Michael Trape: 

Pocher Lamborghini Huracan Verde Mantis now available: 
We got the first green Huracans! Earlier than expected - Vestergaard seems to be doing a better job than Hornby in punctual delivery of new releases. From now on the green Huracan is available!

Pocher Lamborghini Huracan: 
In contrary to the most of our competitors, we have sufficient stock of this kit. We are agle to deliver immediately! 

Pocher Lamborghini Huracan - Rosso Mars: 
The red Huracan is also in stock. But we do not have as many as from the yellow version.

For the world market only a total of 1500 Pocher Huracans were produced - 700 in red and 800 in yellow. Only 350 of them come to Germany: 150 red and 200 yellow Huracans. A new production is not provided by Pocher!

Autograph Transkit for the Pocher Ferrari F40 1/8: 
Due to strong demand from our customers, we have decided to produce another small series of 10 examples of our F40 Transkit. Price: Euro 1450,00 (including VAT for EU-customers), Euro 1218,49 (for non-EU-customers). Prices include fully insured and trackable shipping with DHL!

Kits from Model Factory Hiro, which are not listed in our webshop:
Besides the kits in scale 1/9 and 1/12, which almost all are stocked by Autograph, HIRO offers a number of additional kits. These are automotive kits in 1/43, 1/24, 1/20 and military kits (i. e. tanks) or ships. Naturally we can also get these kits for you in the short term, usually within 10 days, if they are available from the manufacturer. If you have any requirements, please don't hesitate to ask! Here is the official website of Model Factory Hiro:


Model Factory Hiro brings out at least one new 1/12 full-detail kit in several variants each month. In return, a number of kits from current production are no longer available. Please note that AUTOGRAPH can not stock all 1/12 HIRO kits in all variants. However, we will stock all Ferrari and Porsche as well as some other attractive models. All other kits will be order items with a reduced price.

We are weekly ordering in Japan, so if you want to buy a kit, that is currently not in stock, we (normally) should be able to help you within one week! Even with the kits in 1/20, 1/24 and 1/43, which we currently don't stock!

Most of our competitors don't stock older kits and are only ordering monthly, so you'll have to wait more than 4 weeks on your order with them.

November 2018: Niki Laudas Ferrari 312T2 will come 1/12! Hiro announces the F1 car in three versions:

K685 Ver. A : 1977 South African GP / U.S. West GP #11 N. Lauda / #12 C. Reutemann
K686 Ver. B : 1977 Rd.11 German GP #11 N.Lauda / #12 C.Reutemann
K687 Ver. C : 1977 Dutch GP #11 N. Lauda / #12 C. Reutemann, Canadian GP #21 G. Villeneuve / #12 C. Reutemann

October 2018: Again a Porsche this month: Hiro announces the 962C, Le Mans Winner of 1986 and 87 in three different versions:

K678 Ver. A : 1986 Le Mans Winner #1 D. Bell / A.  Holbert / H. Stuck #2 J. Mass / B.Wollek / V. Schuppan
K679 Ver. B : 1987 Le Mans Winner #17 D. Bell / A. Holbert / H. Stuck
K680 Ver. C : 1988 Le Mans 2nd #17 D. Bell / H. Stuck / K. Ludwig

September 2018: Hiro announces a sensational new car from the 50s: Maserati 250F in four versions:

K674 Ver.A : 1957 Rd.1 Argentine GP Winner #2 J.M.Fangio / 2nd #6 J.Behra
K675 Ver.B : 1957 Rd.2 Monaco GP Winner #32 J.M.Fangio
K676 Ver.C : 1957 Rd.4 French GP Winner #2 J.M.Fangio Rd.6 German GP Winner #1 J.M.Fangio
K677 Ver.D : “Streamliner” 1955 Rd.7 Italian GP #36 J.Behra

For August 2018, Hiro has announced the reissue of a set of sold-out kits in 1/24, 1/20 and 1/12 scale. However, the announced quantities (only 10 - 40 copies each) give reason to suspect that these new productions will be sold out quickly. Order therefore immediately!

1/24 Porsche 917 1971:
K448●Ver.A : 1971 LM 24hours Winner #22 Limited Numbers
K449●Ver.B : 1971 LM 24hours #19 / 1971 Monza 1,000km #1 - Limited Numbers

1/20 Matra MS11 1968:
K335 Ver.A [ 1968 Rd.3 Monaco GP ] - 40 Kits
K336 Ver.B [ 1968 Rd.5 Dutch GP ] - 30 Kits
K337 Ver.C [ 1968 Rd.6 French GP ] - 30 Kits
K338 Ver.D [ 1968 Rd.9 Italian GP ] - 30 Kits

1/24 Ferrari 250 SWB 1960/1961:
K293 ● Ver.A : Ferrari 250SWB Early Version - 25 Kits
K294 ● Ver.B : Ferrari 250SWB Late Version - 25 Kits

1/24 Fulldetail Kit Porsche 917/20 "Pink Pig" 1971:
K280 ● 917/20 “Pink Pig” 1971 LM #23 - Limited Numbers

1/12 Fulldetail Kit Lotus 79 1978:
K311 Ver.A : 1978 Rd.8 Swedish GP / Rd9 French GP - 15 Kits
K312 Ver.B : 1978 Rd12 Austrian GP /Rd13 Dutch GP / Rd14 Italian GP - 15 Kits

1/12 Fulldetail Kit Lotus 97T 1985:
K346 Ver.A : 1985 Rd.2 Portuguese GP - 10 Kits
K347 Ver.B : 1985 Rd.13 Belgian GP - 10 Kits

1/12 Fulldetail Kit Lotus 98T 1986:
K439 Ver.A : 1986 Rd.2 Spanish GP / Rd.7 U.S. GP - 30 Kits
K440 Ver.B : 1986 Rd.5 Belgian GP - 30 Kits
K441 Ver.C : 1986 Rd.11 Hungarian GP - 20 Kits

1/12 Fulldetail Kit Ferrari 126 C4/C4M/C4M2 1984:
K469 Ver.A : [126C4] 1984 Rd.3 Belgian GP / Rd.4 San Marino GP - 20 Kits
K470 Ver.B : [126C4M] 1984 Rd.10 British GP - 20 Kits
K471 Ver.C : [126C4M2] 1984 Rd.15 European GP / Rd.16 Portuguese GP - 20 Kits

Also in August 2018 the pink pig will finally appear in scale 1/12 as a fulldetail kit:

K673 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 917/20 “Pink Pig”

July 2018 - No summer lack in Japan - Hiro is very busy again this month with new kits:
Sebastian Vettels 2018 Ferrari F1 comes in three variants as a proportion kit:

A - K670 Ver. A: Ferrari SF71H 2018 Rd.1 Australian GP Winner #5 S.Vettel / 3rd #7 K.Räikkönen 2018 Rd.2 Bahrain GP Winner #5 S.Vettel / #7 K.Räikkönen 
B - K671 Ver. B: Ferrari SF71H 2018 Rd.6 Monaco GP 2nd #5 S.Vettel / 4th #7 K.Räikkönen
C - K672 Ver. C: Ferrari SF71H 2018 Rd.7 Canadian GP Winner #5 S.Vettel / 6th #7 K.Räikkönen

Three interesting versions of the Lancia Beta Montecarlo of 1979, 1980 and 81:

A - K667 Ver. A: 1979 Giro d’Italia #576 G. Villeneuve / W. Röhrl / C. Geistdörfer
B - K668 Ver. B: 1980 LM 24hours Race #51 H. Heyer / B. Darniche / T. Fabi #52 P. Ghinzani / M. Alén / G. Brancatelli
C - K669 Ver. C: 1981 LM 24hours Race #65 M. Alboreto / E. Cheever / C. Facetti #66 R. Patrese / H. Heyer / P. Ghinzani

Juni 2018 - Several new kits will arrive this month:
Completely new designed kit with fully turnable Ford Cosworth V8 engine: McLaren M26 of 1977/78 in three versions:

A - K664: 1977 Rd. 10 British GP / Rd. 16 Canadian GP / Rd.17 Japanese GP #1 J. Hunt / #2 J. Mass
B - K665: 1978 Rd. 7 Spanish GP Qualify / Rd. 9 French GP #7 J. Hunt / #8 P. Tambay / #33 B. Giacomelli
C - K666: 1978 Rd. 16 Canadian GP #7 J. Hunt / #8 P. Tambay

New motorcycle model Brough Superior SS100, now from the year 1926:

K662: 1/9 Full Detail Kit Brough Superior SS100 (1926)

Fits as a supplement to the Brough Superior in 1: 9: MFH Full Detail Kit Alpine Grand Sports Sidecar 1937:

K663: 1937 Brough Superior Alpine Grand Sports sidecar

May 2018 - announced new kits: 1/12 MFH Full Detail Kit McLaren MP4-8 1993 in three variants:

A - K659: 1993 Brazilian GP / European GP #7 M. Andretti / #8 A. Senna
B - K660:
1993 Monaco GP #7 M. Andretti / #8 A. Senna
C - K661: 1993 Rd.15 Japanese GP / Rd.16 Australian GP #7 M. Häkkinen / #8 A.Senna

April 2018 - Sensational new kit: 1/12 MFH Full Detail Kit Ferrari 250 LM in four versions:

A - K653: 1965 Le Mans 24 Hours Race Winner [ North American Racing Team ] #21 M. Gregory / J. Rindt
B - K654: 1965 Le Mans 24 Hours Race [ Maranello Concessionaires ] #23 L. Bianchi / M. Salmon
C - K655: 1965 Le Mans 24 Hours Race [ Ecurie Francorchamps ] #25 G. L. van Ophen / “Elde” 
[ Piere Dumay ] #26 P. Dumay / G. Gosselin
D - K656: 1965 Le Mans 24 Hours Race [ Scuderia Filipinetti ] #27 D. Spoerry / A. Boller

And another new kit in April 2018 especially for the fans of Ayrton Senna - Toleman Hart TG184:

A - K650: 1984 Rd. 6 Monaco GP #19 A. Senna / #20 J. Cecotto
B - K651: 1984 Rd. 7 Canadian GP / Rd. 8 Detroit GP / Rd. 9 Dallas GP / Rd. 10 British GP #19 A. Senna / #20 J. Cecotto
C - K652: 1984 Rd. 11 German GP #19 A. Senna Rd. 14 Italian GP #19 S. Johansson / #20 P. Martini

New kits for March 2018:

Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 Version D (K565): Tour de France 1964 #172

Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 Version E (K566): Daytona 3 hours 1963 #18

Porsche 917/30 (K649) CAN-AM Champion 1973 #6 Mark Donahue

February 2018 - announced novelties: 1/12 MFH Full Detail Kit Ferrari 156 Shark Nose 1961 in three variants:

A - K642: 1961 Rd. 1 Monaco GP #36 R. Ginther
B - K643: 1961 Rd. 3 Belgian GP #4 P. Hill / #2 W. von. Trips / #6 R. Ginther
C - K644: 1961 Rd. 7 Italian GP #2 P. Hill / #4 W. von. Trips / #6 R. Ginther / #32 G. Baghetti

A new motorcycle will be released in January 2018: 1/9 MFH Full Detail Kit Harley Davidson Knucklehead 1940/1947:

K637   Ver.A : 1940 Harley Davidson Knucklehead 1940
K638   Ver.B : 1947 Harley Davidson Knucklehead 1940

New in December 2017: 1/12 MFH Full Detail Kit Lotus 99T 1987 in 3 versions:

A - K634: 1987 Rd. 4 Monaco GP #12 A. Senna #11 S. Nakajima /1987 Rd. 5 U.S.A. GP #11 S. Nakajima
B - K635: 1987 Rd. 5 U.S.A. GP #12 A. Senna / 1987 Rd. 7 British GP #11 S. Nakajima #12 A. Senna
C - K636: 1987 Rd. 15 Japanese GP #11 S. Nakajima #12 A. Senna

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We are pleased about your visit in our webshop. Why should you buy from us? 5 reasons, that speak for Autograph:

  • We are continuous! Since 1990 we are reliably selling our kits to the whole world.
  • We know our business! Competence and expertise are no foreign words for us. 
  • We also deliver spare parts! If something goes wrong, or if something's missing: just contact us! We can help. 
  • We have low prices! Although we do not belong to the "case sliders", which leave you alone after purchase, we have impressive prices!
  • We have a large selection of rare new and antiquarian kits. Please talk to us, if you are searching for a special model, which we are not offering at the moment.

What we are offering:

We make every effort to offer you a selection of exceptional and rare models, kits and transkits in the big scales. We also have a large selection of additional parts in stock for detailing your kits. Our stock is constantly changing, and should you be interested in a special item, which we do not currently offer, please write to us at

What we are looking for:

For our international customers we are always looking for interesting kits, preferably in the scale 1/8 or 1/12th. We buy individual models, like also started projects or incomplete kits (eg Pocher or Promocom) and entire collections or estates. Please email us at, if you have something to sell. We will make you an interesting offer!

New: Customer sales

If you decide to part with one of your finished models or kits, so you should contact us. We have added a new category "customer sales" in our web shop, in which we provide a platform to our customers for their model sales. We have hundreds of visitors from around the world every day on our site, and there is also an interested party for your special model!

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