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2023-05-16: Pocher announces a new colour variant of their Lamborghini Aventador Coupe: LP700-4 in yellow

1/8 Pocher HK119 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 yellow

2023-05-06: HIRO brings the Le Mans winner from 1961 in May: 1/12 Full Detail Kit Ferrari 250 Testarossa TRI/61

1/12 Full Detail Kit HIRO K823 F 250 TRI/61

2023-03-23: New Hiro 1/12 Full Detail Kit in April

1/12 Full Detail Kit HIRO K822 Lotus 88B

2023-03-17: IXO - 1/8 Porsche 917KH Gulf Version: Complete kit in September

We are pleased to be able to offer you this highlight of 1:8 model making from September: Porsche 917 KH (short tail) #20 from the film "Le Mans" by Steve McQueen. Is currently still being sold as a collector's series. From September with us as a complete kit! Can already be pre-ordered now!

2023-03-15: IXO - New hit of the company from Macao: 1/8 Porsche 917K winner Le Mans 1970

IXO has a new kit in the pipeline: 1/8 Porsche 917K winner Le Mans 1970 should come later in July 2024. The Gulf version is already available as a collector's series, and the winning car (in red from Porsche Salzburg) will be available as a complete kit. With us, of course, at an attractive price!

2023-03-13: Completion Transkit 1/4 Pocher Ducati Panigale Final Edition

The last parts of the Transkit for the Pocher Ducati Panigale Final Edition are on the way to us. After completing customs clearance, we can now finish all transkits. We calculated sharply and kept the price at 1550 euros. Shipping is scheduled to start on Monday, March 27th, 2023. 

2023-03-09: IXO - 1/8 Nissan GTR will also be released in June

IXO brings the Nissan GTR in 1/8. Was a partwork series at a higher price. Now as a complete kit.
1/8 IXO Nissan GTR

2023-03-09: IXO - 1/8 Mercedes 300 SL appears in June

IXO announces the Mercedes 300 SL in 1/8. Was in the past available as a partwork series at a higher price.
1/8 IXO Mercedes 300 SL

2023-03-06: IXO - Sensational Bugatti Kit comes in September

IXO brings a sensational 1/8 Kit of the Bugatti Atlantic! The new model will come in September.
1/8 IXO Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic

2023-02-28: Model Factory Hiro - Re-release of 3 sold out kits


Model Factory Hiro announces the re-release of 3 sold out kits for March 23:
1/12 Full Detail Kit K476 K477 K478 Ferrari 330 P4 Open Top
1/12 Full Detail Kit K492 K493 K494 Ferrari 330 P4 Berllinetta
1/12 Full Detail Kit K659 K660 K661 McLaren MP4-8

2023-02-25: New 1/8 Marque at Autograph: IXO

From now on you will find the fantastic 1/8 model kits from IXO with us. Three cars will start:
- IXO 1/8 Kit Peugeot 205 GTI
- IXO 1/8 Kit Volvo Amazon
- IXO 1/8 Kit Mercedes W196 R
Everything else here soon!

2023-02-14: Hiro overtakes LeGrand: MFH Mercedes 300 SLR Coupe (Uhlenhaut) comes in February

Model Factory Hiro announces a sensational new car:
1/12 Full Detail Kit K821 Mercedes 300 SLR Coupe

2023-02-02: Pocher Lotus 72D now in stock

The new Pocher kit Lotus 72D came to us today. Pre-orders will be delivered starting tomorrow, February 3rd, 2023.

2023-01-08: Newest Hiro kit in January

1/12 Full Detail Kit K818 McLaren M19A

2022-12-19: Autograph customer sales

We have put a number of interesting new antiquarian kits into the "customer sales" department of our website.  

2022-12-06: Autograph Transkit Ducati Panigale Final Edition 1/4

Our new transkit for the Pocher Ducati Panigale is almost finished, but we are still waiting for the turned and milled parts from a supplier. As soon as they arrive here, the sale can begin. We can then also calculate the price for the transkit. The parts list and the new assembly instructions can be downloaded from the product page, as well as many new pictures of Michael's Final Edition model can be seen.

2022-12-03: New Proportion Kit from Hiro in December

1/12 Proportion Kit F 488 GTE Evo 2022

2022-11-30: Lemke LeGrand Mercedes 300 SLR

Lemke provides new information about the long-awaited Mercedes 300 SLR. At the same time, however, there is a new price increase. More here!

2022-10-21: Hiro in November 22: Ferrari 333SP as  a new Full Detail Kit

1/12 Full Detail Kit K818 Ferrari 333SP (1998)

15.09.2022: New edition of our Autograph Transkit Pocher Ducati Panigale Maßstab 1/4

Michael is working hard on our reissue of the Autograph Transkit for the Pocher Ducati Panigale Final Edition. There are significantly more changes to be made compared to the first Transkit edition than initially thought. We continue to assume a release date in late autumn 2022. You can register as an interested party for the new Transkit on the product page. A lot of new photos can be seen there.

2022-08-22: Another kit of a historic german car will be released by Hiro in September

1/12 Full Detail Kit K817 Mercedes 300 SLR (1955)

2022-07-01: Sensational new Full Detail Kit from Hiro in August

1/12 Full Detail Kit K816 Auto Union Type C (1936)

2022-05-22: 1/12 Honda RA300 kit from MFH will come in June

New in June: Model Factory Hiro Kit Honda RA 300 

1/12 Full Detail Kit K815 Honda RA300 (1967)

2022-04-26: 1:8 Porsche 917K Kit from Amalgam in the customer sales department

New in the customer sales department: 1/8 Kit from Amalgam - Porsche 917K Sieger Le Mans 1971 - already sold!

2022-04-07: New from Hiro in April: 1/9 Motorbike kit BSA Blue Star 350 from 1933

1/9 Full Detail Kit K814 BSA Blue Star 350 (1933)

2022-04-01: No April fools joke: 1:8 Bugatti 35 kit from Art Collection Auto in our customer sales department

We have a very rare kit new in our customer sales department: Bugatti 35 from Art Collection Auto (Jean-Paul Fontenelle) France - already sold!

Hello and welcome to the Autograph webshop!

We are pleased about your visit in our webshop. Why should you buy from us? 5 reasons, that speak for Autograph:

  • We are continuous! Since 1990 we are reliably selling our kits to the whole world.
  • We know our business! Competence and expertise are no foreign words for us. 
  • We also deliver spare parts! If something goes wrong, or if something's missing: just contact us! We can help (if we can help). 
  • We have low prices! Although we do not belong to the "case sliders", which leave you alone after purchase, we have impressive prices!
  • We have a large selection of rare new and antiquarian kits. Please talk to us, if you are searching for a special model, which we are not offering at the moment.

What we are offering:

We make every effort to offer you a selection of exceptional and rare models, kits and transkits in the big scales. We also have a large selection of additional parts in stock for detailing your kits. Our stock is constantly changing, and should you be interested in a special item, which we do not currently offer, please write to us at

What we are looking for:

For our international customers we are always looking for interesting kits, preferably in the scale 1/8 or 1/12th. We buy individual models, like also started projects or incomplete kits (eg Pocher or Promocom) and entire collections or estates. Please email us at, if you have something to sell. We will make you an interesting offer!

New: Customer sales

If you decide to part with one of your finished models or kits, so you should contact us. We have added a new category "customer sales" in our web shop, in which we provide a platform to our customers for their model sales. We have hundreds of visitors from around the world every day on our site, and there is also an interested party for your special model!

The prices shown in the shop include the German VAT (19%). The VAT amount will be automatically deducted, if the shipping address is outside the European Union. This results in a saving of about 19% for our non-EU customers! Please also refer to the pages International orders and shipping costs.