About us

Autograph was founded on 16 March 1990, initially operated as a hobby and part-time business in addition to the actual profession. The main task at that time was the construction and development of so-called transkits, which are additional kits with improved and more detailed parts for existing kits. After the establishment of the Internet and the associated internationalization, the first new internet presence took place at the beginning of the new millennium. Autograph became internationally known with the construction of itsTranskitfor the Pocher Ferrari F40 in the scale 1: 8. To this day, the demand for this kit has not gone out, which is also due to the never-ending availability of Pocher basic kits and models. In 2013, the website was expanded to include a professional webshop, and the opening of the new store coincided with the revival of the Pocher brand, which launched a new Lamborghini Aventador model. The offer of old and new Pocher kits was supplemented by the distribution of the superdetailed kits of the company Model Factory Hiro from Tokyo, which we import directly from Japan. Autograph is internationally known and enjoys a great reputation as a reliable sender of model kits and accessories on the big scales.