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Model Factory Hiro releases at least one new 1/12 full-detail kit in several variants every month. In return, a number of kits from ongoing production are no longer available. Please note that AUTOGRAPH cannot keep all 1/12 HIRO kits in stock in all variants at all time. In the future we will keep all Ferrari and Porsche as well as some other attractive models immediately available. All other kits become order items at a reduced price.

We order weekly in Japan - so if you want to buy a kit that is currently out of stock we can (usually) help you in around 10 days! Even with the kits in 1/20, 1/24 and 1/43 that we don't currently stock, or also with the military kits!
Most of our competitors only order monthly, so you wait more than 4 weeks for your order there!

2020-10-16: Also soon available: KA Models Transkit for Trumpeter Ford GT40 in 1/12

We are expecting a delivery from KA Models of Korea in the next few days: GT40 Super Detail up Deluxe Pack for Trumpeter GT40 in 1/12. Photo-etched parts, white metal parts, turned and milled parts as well as two relistic resin seats result in a very good opportunity to further detail the already good Trumpeter model. Available soon and highly recommended! More information here in a few days!

2020-10-08: Finally available again: Trumpeter Ford GT40 MK1 in 1/12 - the kit with the best price/performance ratio
From now on we have it again in our sales programme: Magnifier US Sports Car, formerly Trumpeter Ford GT40. Super quality for an unbeatable price!

Magnifier US Sports Car 1/12 (Ford GT40)

2020-10-03: October 20: Hiro announces new 1/12 Porsche kit - Porsche 936, LM-winner of 1977
Available from the end of October: Porsche 936/77 - Le Mans winner of 77

K755 - 1:12 Porsche 936/77

2020-09-20: A new 1/43 Ferrati F1 from MFH appears in September: F156/85
We are now including all 1/43 kits from Model Factory Hiro in our delivery program. During the next few days we will cover all kits. We are not able to keep these kits in stock, but our weekly orders in Japan mean we can let go very quickly. In September a new Ferrari 156/85 kit was released in three versions:

K752 - 1:43 Ferrari 156/85 Version A
K753 - 1:43 Ferrari 156/85 Version B
K754 - 1:43 Ferrari 156/85 Version C

2020-09-04: Hiro brings the championship car of world champion Jacky Stewart from 1973 in September: Tyrrell 006 in 1/12

K751 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Tyrrell 006 #5 Jacky Stewart #6 Francois Cevert

2020-08-03: In August a new Mercedes will come - 1:12 Hiro Full Detail Kit of the C11 Le Mans 1991
The Le Mans car of the "young wild" Schumacher und Wendlinger:

K748 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Mercedes C11 Le Mans 1991

2020-07-02: New 1:12 Ferrari F1 model from Model Factory Hiro in July: 312B of 1970
After a long time we will see a new Ferrari F1 kit from Hiro in scale 1/12:

K744 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Ferrari 312B 1970 - Jacky Ickx/Clay Regazzoni

2020-06-13: Re-release Hiro 1:12 Full Detail Kit Lotus 97T
Model Factory Hiro re-releases the long-time-sold-out Lotus 97T kit in scale 1/12:

K346 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Lotus 97T - GP Portugal 1985 Ayrton Senna (rain tires)
K347 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Lotus 97T - GP Belgien 1985 Ayrton Senna (slick tires)

2020-06-05: Resale of several 1/12 Engine kits from Hiro in June

Model Factory Hiro produces a number of sold out Motor kits again:
KE004 - 1:12 Motor kit Ferrari 250 GTO
KE005 - 1:12 Motor kit McLaren MP4/4
KE006 - 1:12 Motor kit Porsche 917K
KE008 - 1:12 Motor kit Ferrari 330P4
KE011 - 1:12 Motor kit McLaren MP4/5B

2020-06-02: Ducati 750 Imola 1972 winner in 1/9 scale from Hiro

Model Factory Hiro brings a new motorcycle kit in June:
K743 - 1:9 Full Detail kit Ducati 750 SS Imola 1972 winner Paul Smart 

2020-05-22: New 1:12 Full Detail Kit from MFH in June: Williams FW11

K742 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Williams FW11 

2020-05-13: Delivery Pocher Ducati Panigale

We have news, that the new Pocher Ducati Panigale kit will be delivered to the dealers in the calender week 25 (June 15 - 19 2020). Unfortunately all kits are completely sold out, therefore we can only accept new orders, if also our Ducati Transkit is ordered at the same time.  

2020-05-08: Allen screw dummies produced by Autograph

We have expanded our range of model screws and produced Allen dummies: We can now offer indicated M6, M8 and M10 Allen screws in 1/8 scale. Each specimen is turned individually from stainless steel. Of course, the dummies can also be used on other scales - wherever original Allen screws were used!

Allen screw dummies in various sizes and quantities

2020-05-03: New Bugatti 35 variant from Hiro in May: 1928 Targa Florio

K741 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Bugatti 35 Targa Florio 1928

2020-05-01: Another re-release from Hiro in April/May: 1/20 Full Detail Kits Lotus 43, Lotus 77 and Brabham Fan Car BT46B
Hiro produces again some sold-out F1-models in scale 1/20: 

K269 - 1:20 Full Detail kit Brabham BT46B "Fan Car"

K251 1:20 Full Detail kit Lotus 77 (Early Type)

K252 1:20 Full Detail kit Lotus 77 (Early Type)

K316 1:20 Full Detail kit Lotus 43

2020-04-17: New release from von Hiro in May: Lotus 79 in scale 1/12

Model Factory Hiro re-releases their Lotus 79-kit, that was sold out for a long time. Only in a very limited nuber!

K311 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Lotus 79 Version A
K312 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Lotus 79 Version B

and at the same time the Williams FW11B will come back:

K472 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Williams FW11B Version A
K473 - 1:12 Full Detail kit Williams FW11B Version B

2020-04-02: New from Hiro in April - Porsche Moby Dick in 1/12 scale

Model Factory Hiro announces a new Porsche Full Detail kit for April: 935 Le Mans 1978

2020-03-26: Harley Davidson motorcycle model for sale by customer

New in the customer sales area is an impressive Harley Davidson Heritage Softail motorcycle model

02.03.2020: A modern Le Mans car in March from Hiro:
New Full Detail Kit from Model Factory Hiro:

K739 - 1/12 Full Detail Kit Bentley Speed8 Le Mans 2003

04.02.2020: Sensational new Bugatti 35 as a Full Detail Kit from Hiro in February
MFH accellerates in February and develops a Bugatti 35 kit:

K736 - 1/12 Full Detail Kit Bugatti 35 Monaco Grand Prix 1929/1930 (3 Versions)

2020-02-02: New motorcycle model from Hiro in February
Hiro announces a new motorcycle kit in scale 1/9 for February:

K735 Full Detail Kit Honda NR500 (NR1) 1979 British Grand Prix

2020-01-30: News from the Nuremberg Toy Fair
Yesterday we visited the Nuremberg Toy Fair, saw a number of interesting models and learned new information about announced kits from our suppliers - unfortunately not always only positive:

News to LeGrand Mercedes 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe 1:8
News to Pocher Ducati 1299 Anniversario 1:4

Furthermore, a well-known company announced various new, very interesting kits in large scales 1: 8 (car) and 1: 4 (motorcycle). We are currently trying to include these kits in our delivery program. More details here soon ...

2020-01-24: Hiro news in February:
Model Factory Hiro announces the following new kits for February 2020:

K737 - 1:20 Full Detail kit Williams FW16 Version A
K738 - 1:20 Full Detail kit Williams FW16 Version B

2020-01-01: Autograph Pocher/Ferrari F40 Transkit:

We have launched the very last small series of our Pocher / Ferrari F40 Transkit. These will be the last F40 transkits that we produce because certain components (such as decals) are only available in a few copies and a new production is no longer worthwhile. Make sure you get one of the last kits!

2019-12-31: Hiro in january 2020:
Neuankündigung: Full Detail Kit in 1/20:

K730 - 1:20 Full Detail Kit Lotus Type 99TB (1987)
There are several Resales of Hiro sold-out-kits announced for january:

K320 - 1:20 Full Detail Kit Honda RA300 John Surtees GP Italy, Mexico, USA

K461 - 1:12 Full Detail Kit Brabham BT46B 1978 Swedish GP Niki Lauda
K462 - 1:12 Full Detail Kit Brabham BT46 1978 French GP Niki Lauda


K262 - 1:12 Proportion Kit Brabham Lotus 98T 1986 Spanish GP Ayrton Senna

New motorcycle kit: Burt Munro Special record bike from 1962, famous from the film "The World's fastest Indian":

K734 - 1:9 Full Detail Kit Burt Munro Special

And another novelty: equipment in 1/20 for your F1 Diorama build:

2019-12-05: New kits from Hiro in december:
Hiro brings two complete new constuctions in december:

K733 - Mercedes C9 winner Le Mans 24 hours 1989

K731 - 1:20 Full Detail Kit 1994 Williams FW16 GP San Marino

2019-11-19: News from Hiro in November:
Hiro announces several new kits and some reissues in scales 1/12 and 1/24 this month:

Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo 92 Full Detail Kit 1/12
K729 - 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione 1992

Lancia Delta S4 Full Detail Kit 1/24
K544 - 1986 Lancia Delta S4 Ver. A
K545 - 1986 Lancia Delta S4 Ver. B

Lancia Rallye 037 Full Detail Kit 1/24
K504 - Ver. A 1983 WRC Rd.1 Monte Carlo #1 Röhrl/Geistdorfer
K505 - Ver. B 1984 WRC Rd.5 Tour de Corse #5 Alén/Kivimaki, 1984 WRC Rd.10 San Remo #4 Bettega/Perissinot
K506 - Ver. C 1983 WRC Rd.10 San Remo [Jolly Club Totip] #18 Biasion/Siviero
K507 - Ver. D 1984 WRC Rd.5 Tour de Corse [Jolly Club Totip] #9 Biasion/Siviero
K508 - Ver. E 1984 WRC Rd.10 San Remo [H.F.Grifone SRL] #11 Tabaton/Tedeschini

Lancia Rallye 037 Safari Full Detail Kit 1/24
K550 - Ver. F 1984 WRC Rd.4 Safari Rally #7 Alén/Kivimaki, 1986 WRC Rd.4 Safari Rally #3 Alén/Kivimaki

Jaguar XJR12 Full Detail Kit 1/24 - Reissue
K683 - Ver. A 1990 LM Winner #3 M. Brundle / J. Nielsen / P. Cobb, 2nd #2 J. Lammers / A. Wallace / F. Konrad, #1 A. Ferté / D. Leslie
K684 - Ver. B 1991 LM 2nd #35 D.Jones / R.Boesel / M.Ferte, 3rd #34 B.Wollek / T.Fabi / K.Acheson, 4th #33 D.Warwick / J.Nielsen / A.Wallace

Mazda 787B Full Detail Kit 1/12 - Reissue
K628 - 1991 Le Mans winner, 787B no 55. (V.Weidler/J.Herbert/B.Gachot)

Hello and welcome to the Autograph webshop!

We are pleased about your visit in our webshop. Why should you buy from us? 5 reasons, that speak for Autograph:

  • We are continuous! Since 1990 we are reliably selling our kits to the whole world.
  • We know our business! Competence and expertise are no foreign words for us. 
  • We also deliver spare parts! If something goes wrong, or if something's missing: just contact us! We can help (if we can help). 
  • We have low prices! Although we do not belong to the "case sliders", which leave you alone after purchase, we have impressive prices!
  • We have a large selection of rare new and antiquarian kits. Please talk to us, if you are searching for a special model, which we are not offering at the moment.

What we are offering:

We make every effort to offer you a selection of exceptional and rare models, kits and transkits in the big scales. We also have a large selection of additional parts in stock for detailing your kits. Our stock is constantly changing, and should you be interested in a special item, which we do not currently offer, please write to us at

What we are looking for:

For our international customers we are always looking for interesting kits, preferably in the scale 1/8 or 1/12th. We buy individual models, like also started projects or incomplete kits (eg Pocher or Promocom) and entire collections or estates. Please email us at, if you have something to sell. We will make you an interesting offer!

New: Customer sales

If you decide to part with one of your finished models or kits, so you should contact us. We have added a new category "customer sales" in our web shop, in which we provide a platform to our customers for their model sales. We have hundreds of visitors from around the world every day on our site, and there is also an interested party for your special model!

The prices shown in the shop include the German VAT (19%). The VAT amount will be automatically deducted, if the shipping address is outside the European Union. This results in a saving of about 19% for our non-EU customers! Please also refer to the pages International orders and shipping costs.