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Promocom 1/8 Kit Ferrari 126 C2 1982.Antiquarian model kit. I am happy to be able to offer this ultra rare kit. The kit was distributed by the Italian company Promocom from the year 2005. Unfortunately, during the short production time, some problems occurred because parts were missing and the supply of spare parts did not work properly. Promocom finally went into bankruptcy. There were only few really complete kits delivered. Many of my clients at the time complained about poor service and lack of parts.

The kit itself is incomparable: the materials used conform to the real vehicle: the monocoque and many other parts are CNC-machined aluminum parts and the bodywork and underbody are laminated in real carbon. The wheels are turned from Aluminium, the tyres vulcanized in real rubber. Hundreds of photo-etched parts in brass, nickel silver or stainless steel complement the whole. Just incredible! The only non-metal parts (apart from the real carbon fiber panels) are the driver's seat and the laminated fiberglass hoods of the brake ducts. Bronze and brass castings are of the highest quality, with almost no mold lines. The only drawback (besides the price): The real carbon trim parts have to be cut along the engraved dividing lines. This is best done with a coping saw with a fine blade.

Each of the different models was officially licensed by Ferrari and individually numbered. The different versions were distinguished by the design of front and rear wings, labels, or by motor details. For example the version "Long Beach" came with a wonderful, two-part rear wing. Here is a short list of the individual versions:

Version GP South Africa 1982 (Kyalami): Without front wing, rear wing normal, long exhaust

Brazilian GP version 1982 (Jacarepagua): Without front wing, rear wing normal, long exhaust

Version GP San Marino 1982 (Imola): Without front wing, rear wing normal, short exhaust

Version GP USA 1982 (Long Beach): Front wing, split rear wing, long exhaust

Version Belgium GP 1982 (Zolder) Qualifying: front wing, rear wing normal, short exhaust

The assembly is carried mainly with various small screws, the chassis is formed by two vertically split aluminium milled parts. Smaller soldering is required for some steps! Underbody and panels are laminated in carbon fiber and have to be cut along embossed lines. The wings, shock absorbers, exhaust and many small parts are polished, milled or machined aluminum parts! Of course, the decals are printed in perfect quality!

Noteworthy is the packaging of the parts: all parts are continuously packaged as building steps! So, you need not search around until long to find the individual components. Just take the bag for the corresponding construction step, in which (except for the photo-etched parts and screws) are all necessary parts. Along with the proper etched board (also for the corresponding construction step) the assignment is a breeze. The 96-page instructions with clear photos of each step is carried out throughout in color, in five languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German and French.

This is not a kit for beginners! It is an absolute high-end product for the dedicated model builder in sophisticated materials and unsurpassed design. Anyone looking for a truly unique Ferrari F1 kit is right here.


? CNC aluminum components for gefetigte monocoque, wheels, wing and exhaust

? Soft rubber tires with photo-etched lettering stencils

? Laminated trim parts and underbody of real carbon fiber

? Engine and gearbox in white metal

? bronze and brass parts for suspension and chassis

? Photo Etched in silver, brass or stainless steel, different material thicknesses

? packaged by assembly items

? Instruction in the highest quality (example available for download on the PDF tab)


The Promocom kit available today is the Imola version, serial number 88. Additionally there are the parts for the Zolder version (Belgian Grand Prix) included. So you can build both versions with this kit! This kit is 100% complete, we have checked all the building steps for completeness. All components are packed according the corresponding building steps, packaged in resealable plastic bags with the Autograph check label on it. Please note that it is in this article is an antiquarian kit that is no longer commercially available. Therefore, some minor traces from storing are possible.

The kit comes together with a 40-page-copy of the Meri Kits Models Guide"Ferrari 126 C2".Good photos, very useful asreference when building the model!

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