Customer Sale: 1/8 car model kit Bugatti Brescia GP configuaration

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Customer sale: 1/8 car model kit Bugatti Brescia GP configuration.Rarekit from a Bugatti specialist who lives near Molsheim/France and works as a welder in the Bugatti plant.Completely made of metal, body made of hand-made brass parts,other parts of white metal, steel,hardware, rubber tires.


A very special kit is for sale: Bugatti Brescia Grand Prix configuration.Handcrafted kit by a French Bugatti specialist.The seller of this kit writes:

The kit has been created by a French craftsman who has purchased all the equipment of Mr. Fontenelle of Auto Art Collection when the latter retired from the activity. The kit is just fantastic and is obviously all metal. It is a kit which, like all Auto Art kits, is suited for an experienced builder. All is handmade and it shows: the soldering traces are evident. The quality, however, is at a high level. Just look at the wheels (one is already painted due to a mistake of the creator) and the chassis or the engine. Some parts are already built (chassis and part of the body, engine, axles…) which simplifies a little bit the building procedure which remains quite complex (soldering is mandatory). There are absolutely no instructions in this kit. Not because the seller has lost them but simply because they don’t exist. Some serious reference is absolutely necessary but frankly speaking the Brescia was not a complex car. The creator has sent some pictures of some models which may be useful as a pattern.The sellerwill deliver them with the kit.The kit comes in a very nice and sturdy wooden box with the following dimensions: 60 x 40 x 10 cm and weighs 6,0 kg.

Please note: This is not a model kit for inexperienced model builders! Although most of the soldering work on the body and the chassis has already been done, various Adjustmentsstill have to be carried out, which clearly overwhelm a beginner.For assembly, we recommend searching the Internet for pictures of finished models - keywords ART COLLECTION AUTO or Jean Paul Fontenelle and Bugatti Brescia.

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