Customer Sale: 1/4 engine kit Ferrari Enzo V12 (2002)

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Customer sale: 1/8 car engine kit Ferrari Enzo V12 (2002). Antiquarian kit, manufactured by DeAgostini of italy. Made entirely from metal. Very detailed. For years no longer commercially available and in this execution very hard to find. 


Completeness: The kit is complete and has not been started yet. Condition is excellent, the owner of the kit writes:

FERRARI ENZO motor and gearbox unit

A very elaborately executed kit on a large 1/4 scale, which is almost entirely made of metal. The components are all pre-painted and / or colored in the right color and - just like the original - are screwed together with stud bolts, screws and nuts. The finished model weighs about 5 kg and is about 40 cm long after completion. The cylinder banks are already approx. 20 cm long - see comparison photo with ruler. This kit was sold exclusively in Italy in 2007 as a so-called collective kit magazine. After that the kit was no longer available. The collection series consists of a total of 80 issues, with the corresponding information magazines.

The kit offered is complete and all magazines, assembly instructions and various other information materials (all in Italian) are available. The components of the kit weigh about 10 kg and the magazines about 10 to 12 kg. Shipping only within the EU.

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