About us

Company name AUTOGRAPH
Proprietor Gisela Popp-Krug
Founded 16 march 1990
Profession Development and sales of high-quality model kit and -accessories
Location Richard-Wagner-Str. 10, 95030 Hof/Saale, Germany
Internet adress (URL) www.autographmodel.com / www.autographmodel.de
Activity Since 1990, construction and distribution of mostly self-developed model kits and model accessories, mainly in the large scales 1/8 and 1/12. Initially our products have been sold only in Germany (up to 1992), followed by Europe, from about 1998 worldwide presence, from 1999 sales in the U.S. by a partner company. Own webpage from 2002. Customers worldwide, primarily in the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong and Australia (more recently in China, Russia, Israel and Korea). Global direct marketing to dedicated modelers, few sales partner in USA and Japan.

From 2013, new webshop with all the associated functions: www.shop.autographmodel.com. We are currently expanding our product range and are looking for high-quality model kits and accessories that will fit into our product range.

Gisela Popp-Krug and Ulrich Krug, in january 2013

Uli Krug und Gisela Popp-Krug